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THE GAMBIA Groundnut Coin Necklace


THE GAMBIA Groundnut Coin Necklace is handcrafted from an authentic Gambian coin with precious metals using the traditional lost-wax casting technique. The coin features the Gambian Coat of Arms on one side and three groundnuts on the reverse. The Gambian Coat of Arms includes two lions holding a crest with a hoe and axe, which represent the importance of agriculture to the nation. They also represent the country's dominant ethnic groups, The Fulani and the Mandinka. A palm tree tops the crest, and the nations motto Progress, Peace and Prosperity can be found on the the ribbon below. 

Metal Info & Care

Available in:Sterling Silver, 18K Gold Vermeil (18K Gold over Sterling Silver), Solid 10K, 14K, 18K, & 24K Gold.

Made with fair trade African gold and conflict-free fine metals.

Coin measures 17mm in diameter. Delicate Chain.

Contact us for custom metals (i.e. white gold, rose gold and platinum) at


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