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Fair and Ethically Sourced Gold

What is Fair and Ethically Sourced Gold?

Our gold is sourced through projects run by Canadian-based non-profit IMPACT. IMPACT organizes initiatives aimed at empowering small scale artisanal miners, and specifically women, in fair and just gold supply chains on the continent of Africa. Although most of the gold and silver used in our designs is recycled and re-refined, Omi Woods continually works with organizations, individuals and suppliers in efforts to contribute to and maintain just and fair gold and fine metal supply chains as a means to empower communities, workers, and artisans involved in the trade. 


Why Fairly Sourced Gold?

Gold is not just a raw material, it is a metal that is used to back financial systems, structure trade, and leverage economics. As a result, mined gold will always be in demand. Omi Woods understands this and aims to balance the environmental benefits of using primarily recycled gold, with the realities of the gold mining market in a way that encourages fair and ethical gold trading in African and Indigenous Communities. 


Why is this Important to Omi Woods?

"As a descendant of enslaved Africans, who ran into the hills of Jamaica to form Maroon communities with the Indigenous peoples of the island. Who fought an 84 year war with the British for their freedom and sovereignty. Whose ancestors were likely sold into slavery as a result of gold. As a person who has utilized jewelry to trace her lineage to the Akan of Western Africa, the Ancient Moors, the Bamileke of Cameroon, through to Egypt and down the Nile to ancient Nubia - a heritage that spans some of the most vibrant silver and gold producing ethnic groups on the continent of Africa - it is important to me to be sharing the ongoing interconnected story of Africa and diasporic Africans through ethical fine metals and gold. "        - Ashley Alexis McFarlane, Founder and CEO of Omi Woods



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