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Omi Woods Jewelry is ethically handmade with conflict-free fine metals; sterling silver, gold vermeil (gold over sterling silver) and solid gold.  Scientifically, fine metals are higher in resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and therefore have been used in high technology and ornamentation (i.e. art, jewelry, and sacred objects etc.) since time immemorial. They are rare, naturally occurring metals of high value that stand the test of time. 


We believe in paying people fairly for their resources, time and labour.  Our solid gold jewelry is made with fair-trade African gold. The gold is sourced from small-scale artisanal mines that support the well-being of miners and their communities by paying miners a fair wage and contributing to improved health care, education, safety and living conditions on the continent. 


We use .925 sterling silver for our silver jewelry designs. Sterling silver is made of about 92.5% fine silver. Our silver has a bright finish that can be maintained by polishing with a sterling silver jewelry cloth. 


Our Gold Vermeil pieces are made with a sterling silver base plated with 18K gold.  Gold Vermeil delivers the look of solid gold, at a more affordable price. Gold Vermeil pieces can be re-plated from time to time to enhance their original gold layer. 


Our solid gold pieces are made with fair-trade African gold. They range from 10-24K yellow gold.  Solid white gold and solid rose gold are also available upon request.All solid gold pendants 14K and over are paired with solid 14K gold chains.  

10K GOLD: Contains the least amount of pure gold (41.7%) and as a result is the most affordable. It has a soft, cool gold hue.

14K GOLD: Suits most skin tones, and has a light sunny yellow hue. It is durable and recommended for everyday wear. It is used most for wedding bands and rings. 14K gold is made of 58.3% pure gold.

18K GOLD: Has a warm hue and is the best option for those who want a richer gold colour that will stand up to daily wear. It is one of the more popular karats of gold, because of its durability, lustre, and relatively high gold content. It contains 75% pure gold. 

22K GOLD: *Contact Us For Pricing: 22K gold is one of the best options for solid gold jewelry that retains its value and is durable enough to wear frequently. Many cultures gift this type of gold during special occasions, especially during weddings where the groom's family literally passes down generational wealth to the bride through jewelry and other forms of adornment. 22K gold jewelry contains 91.6% pure gold.  Your 22K gold jewelry piece will be worth close to its weight in grams and will appreciate over time as gold prices rise. 

24K GOLD: Has a deep orange tone. It contains 99.9% gold, making it the purest form of gold. However, pure gold is also naturally soft and malleable, and is therefore not intended for everyday wear. 24K Gold jewelry should be regarded as keepsakes to be worn for special occasions. Because of its purity, 24K gold has been used as a form of currency by various cultures throughout time. Your 24K gold jewelry piece will be worth close to its weight in grams and will appreciate over time as gold prices rise.


About 20% of the worlds gold is used to fund conflicts around the globe. Our gold and other fine metals conflict-free and sourced from casting houses that are committed to ethical manufacturing and reducing their carbon footprint. 


White and rose gold are available by request. Simply contact us to let us know you would like your piece made with a white or rose gold colour. Prices for white and rose gold depend on the karat and weight of the item, and are the same as our yellow gold prices displayed on our online store.  


Silver is one of the most commonly utilized fine metals in the world. The semi-nomadic Tuareg people of North Africa prefer it over gold. They use silver jewelry for bartering resources and pass it down through generations for its symbolic and real value. Ancient Kingdoms like Axum in modern day Ethiopia and Eritrea have used silver and other metals for processional crosses since at least the third century. 

Like gold, pure silver is quite soft, so it is generally mixed with other metals to form sterling silver which is made up of 92.5% fine silver, and the rest other alloys. Most jewelry made with silver is made with sterling silver. 

Gold vermeil refers to pieces made with a sterling silver base plated with gold.  Gold vermeil jewelry is still considered a sterling silver piece, as the gold will wear away over time. 

As with gold, silver prices have steadily increased over time. However, silver is still significantly lower in price than gold, making it -and gold vermeil- a great choice for people that wish to collect various pieces of jewelry that represent different things in the different season of life, or to give them as gifts to family and friends.


Store your Omi Woods jewelry in a cool and dry place. It can be kept in the pouch or jewelry case it arrives in. Clean jewelry with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.  Polish Sterling Silver and Solid Gold pieces with a jewelry polishing cloth. Gold Vermeil designs should not be polished with a polishing cloth.  Reduce their exposure to sweat, moisture, and abrasion to maintain the plated layer of gold. 24K gold pieces should be treated like delicate fine jewelry and worn with care.  Items with pearls and gemstones should be cleaned professionally by a jeweller. 




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