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THE ANKH Diamond Eternity Ring II


An instant classic, THE ANKH Diamond Eternity Ring II features a halo of sustainable carbon neutral, un-mined, lab created diamonds that cover over three quarters of the ring band. The Ankh is sometimes referred to as the original cross. In Ancient Egypt it represented the womb as a portal for life, inter-dimensional travel and transformation and power. The Ankh hieroglyph translated to the word life, but also represented water, and air - things that sustain life. The Ankh was often seen in the hand of Egyptian deities and being given by them to the Pharaoh as a representation of the power to sustain life and to revive souls in the aferlife. Handcrafted with precious metals using the traditional lost-wax casting technique.

Metal Info & Care

Available in: Solid 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold.

Made with fair trade conflict-free African gold, and sustainable, carbon-neutral, un-mined, lab created diamonds. 

Ring measures 1__mm wide. 

__ Diamonds ___ total carats. 

All orders are ethically handmade and ship in 10-15 business days.

Contact us for custom metals (i.e. rose gold, white gold and platinum), sizing, and engraving at

All orders are individually handmade and ship in 3-5 weeks. ***Due to co-vid there may be unanticipated delays.


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