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People have passed jewelry down through generations since time immemorial as a means to secure heritage, values, cultural beliefs, wealth, memories, and freedom. 

When founder Ashley Alexis McFarlane’s Grandmother Doreen Salmon transitioned into the realm of the ancestors she passed down the few pieces of jewelry she had to her, her mother, and her aunties.  

"My Grandmother is the reason I started making jewelry and why Omi Woods is centred around heirloom heritage pieces. Her name means shalom in Hebrew and sälam in Ethiopian-Semitic languages. It translates to peace primarily, but also harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare, and tranquility. I reflect on these things as I learn about the cultures and histories Omi Woods pieces are inspired by and the processes used to make our jewellery." - McFarlane

As a way to honour her legacy, Omi Woods makes an annual donation to a local or global non-profit, social organization, charity or cause each year. 

2019 - AllOneBlood

2020 - 8 Billion Trees

2021 - Doctors Without Borders

2022 - The Ocean Cleanup





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