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THE ZHARA Dashiki Dress in Noir


THE ORIGINAL ZHARA Dress by Omi Woods. Oozing with charisma and playfulness, turn heads with this figure flattering black dashiki dress. A little bit of 70's flare, and a full skirt bottom that nips in at the waist. Keyhole neckline can be opened up by adjusting the button at neck. Billowing sleeves can be pulled up and down. Fabric belt ties at waist. Zipper closure in back. Want it longer? Just make a request. This dress is suitable for maternity.

100% cotton

The Dashiki has a rich and fluid history that interweaves continents, cultures, and design. The cut of the fabric originated in West Africa as a flowing wide sleeve robe called the grand boubou. The textile design is an indigenous Indonesian pattern, copied and sold to Africans by the Dutch. The Dashiki grew in popularity in Africa, and then spread to North America during the African-American civil rights movements of 1960's as a symbol of self-affirmation for African-Americans and a garment associated with the love and peace hippie movement. It is now a mainstay of global bohemian fashion.

Dress measures about 33.5" in length from shoulder to hem.

Please use your actual body measurements, as dress sizes often vary across designer. Bra size is not the same as bust measurement, be sure to measure with a measuring tape the widest part of your bust in a bra you are likely to wear with the garment. If you have any areas of your body that are different from conventionally sized clothing (i.e. fuller arms or waist, taller or shorter height) contact me for guidance around fit.

All garments are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for construction before shipping.

Hand wash with cool water. Hang Dry. Press with iron on cool setting. Do not bleach.

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